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© Agnes Reiter 2004


The “word string“ invented by two girls illustrate their everyday artistic self-concept. Perhaps the language may be a form of a staged exclusion strategy?

Starting from the participation in this literal depiction, I asked adult persons to freely create a sound with a music instrument they are familiar with and to mimetically understand the girls and their word strings. They should put themselves into the girls’ humorous disarrangement to delve into the structure of the narrative and to interpret it.
I consciously chose people who did not know each other; the girls didn’t know each other either. This mutual reference is always produced by the mimesis in which one’s own artistic interior is explained and experienced in analogy to those of the girls.
This cultural process can be taken up again and again and continued.

2004 / LightSoundLanguageSpace / Hofgasse 3 / May 2004 / Linz / Austria
Projectparticipation: Elisabeth Grafeneder, Verena Dobretsberger, Monika Reiter