Fairytale-like elements and motives of familiarity as well as foreignness and fright are part of Adalbert Stifter’s story “Bergkristall” (“Rock Crystal”). The movement through space and time becomes a sequence of comprehensive, transformed, natural and human occurrences. The perception and the shape of things, the occurrences and nature become one. In this work I refer to the analogy of the events caused by people and the natural phenomena.

In Stifter’s novella “Bergkristall” (“Rock Crystal”), the being and effect of ambivalent occurrences become visible and are made perceivable; closed into one they become present. I have taken up this dynamic. The effect of contrariness, such as coldness – warmth, light – darkness, attraction – repulsion.

Iced rod, 1.5 m long, copper pipe, cooling unit

"Guiding the attention to minimal, apparently unimportant details is a means towards sensitization, which is a significant precondition precisely for the subtle works of the project. Thus, we stand amazed in front of a walking stick covered with ice, which is succinctly leaned against a tree. With this magically surreal intervention "Weiße Finsternis" ("White Darkness"), Agnes Reiter alludes to Stifter's novella "Rock Crystal".
Genoveva Rückert / Lesewald: Parcour durch den Lesewald / Linz 2005

2005 / Reading Forest/ Artistic Inroads to the Stifter Year / June to October 2005 / Kirchschlag /Austria