Standing at the center of this artistic work is the performative element. Texts, images, live actions and a video construct intertwined performative levels. The performative action – a combination of word and dialog variations that I have taken from the commercials for the Sunday evening TV program featuring film adaptations of Rosamunde Pilcher’s dime novels at 8.00 p.m. on ORF2, put into the picture by a lay actress – was processed into a video and a further room installation.

The room installation depicts a reduced living space: a TV and a bed. When a person moves into the immediate vicinity of the bed, a motion detector activates the video. When a person leaves the vicinity of the bed again, a freeze image is created.

My work “Rosamunde” refers to the interrelationships of the characteristic functions of the psychical, as well as the effect of its different parts and their reciprocation. Psychical structures and processes that are functionally linked together. I attempted to make the point which I worked out on a dynamic and functional basis. Unreal moments, caricature-like distortions, the ambivalent, the banal, the subtly ironic, dream visions, intentions, expectations, longings and relationships stand in the center of focus. With “Rosamunde” I examined and reflected upon the theme from a critical feministic viewpoint that combines with an explicit interest in the politicization of gender

Video length: 0:06:38
© Agnes Reiter 2007

Performer: Michaela Samhaber

2007 / Open House / Art University of Linz 23. 3. 2007 / Austria